Starting Point for Addicts

You thought you had it under control, you thought last time was the last time, but somehow you are back here again. We understand, and we know just how frustrating, depressing, disheartening, and ashamed you likely feel. We have been there before, and we have seen so many others in that same situation, and we are here to help. 

Recovery isn't easy. There is no simple panacea, and this will likely take a lifetime of commitment and work. However, it does get easier, and there is hope. The best solutions are multi-pronged, and so the more of the following you do, the more likely your chances of success will be. We hope we can join you in this journey toward healing and getting your life back on track. And first, you have to start with the first 60 days to getting on the right track.

1. Start Your Detox

You fell back into addiction because you allowed yourself access again. You need to stop that access.

   A. Clean out your house!

        If you have access, you are pretty likely to stumble again. You need to get any access you have to

        inappropriate things blocked up tight. This can mean filters on devices, changing phone numbers,

        adjusting routines, or in some cases, removing electronics from the very premises if that is what it


   B. Block people from lists

    C. Avoid People, Places, Or Routines

        Your brain is used to giving into temptation, and will need to be fundamentally rewired. During this time, there will be temptations all around you, and triggers that will make you more likely to return to former habits. You are not as strong as you think you are, and shouldn't ever test your willpower. Assume it does not exist, as it probably doesn't. You need to avoid anything that will let you fall victim again and set you back. 

    D. Find an Accountability Partner

    E. Start a Devotional Plan

    F. Start with these Resources:

        For All Addicts:

            * Covenant Eyes - Your Brain on Porn

            * Covenant Eyes - The Porn Circuit

        For Married Addicts:

            * How to help your spouse heal from an affair

2. Get into a Group

Groups are vital to your recovery and healing. They are safe places, with others who have had similar struggles, and who are at different stages of their own recovery. There is grace and understanding there, but that does not mean that they will justify your actions. They want better for you, likely better than you know. They provide accountability, encouragement, healthy relationships, different perspectives, and hope for a new future. 

3. Get a Counselor

While groups are integral to a long term healing plan, the reality is that there will not be enough time in the groups to really dig into the personal roots of your addiction and past, and work toward identifying triggers, exploring wounds, and focusing on the unique challenges that you have struggled with. Without  

4. Get into the next available workshop

And as counselors allow you the setting to work on your personal struggles. and while sexual addiction is extremely prevalent, most counselors do not specialize in sexual addiction, and it can take quite a while to get past issues identified. The workshops are a warp jump for addicts. It's professionals who deal with addicts as their main focus, and who have identified the trends and tendencies that most addicts share. They also have tools, resources, and training to help addicts get to the root of their struggles, and break down some of those barriers that may have hindered successful recovery in their past. Even those who have been to counseling for years marvel at things they have taken away from the workshops, and we highly encourage everyone to join one, as it is a massive help in ensuring future success. 

We recognize that there are people who may come to this site who are not from the mid-atlantic area, and therefore one of our workshops may not be the closest one, or the one that meets their time needs. We also recommend the following workshop programs for those who cannot attend ours:

Faithful and True Ministries (Minnesota) - Workshops for male addicts, spouses, and couples.

Bethesda Workshops (Nashville, Tennessee) - Workshops for teen, men, and women addicts; spouses; and couples.