Where to Begin

The workbook we use for our groups has this text at the very beginning of the first lesson, and it makes sense to repeat it here:


You're in the right place.

We're glad you're here.

This is true, and we believe this affirmation is important, and having a moment to restore hope is vital. More often than not, people who first come to this website are dealing with a lot of deep emotions, and lack of hope is by far the most prevalent feeling. You may be an addict who has struggled to kick their habits for years and years, but just cannot seem to get out of the cycle and make any long-term headway. You may be a spouse who has discovered that their spouse lied or hid their addiction yet again, even though they have promised time and again that this time would be the last time, that this time they could finally heal. 

Both addicts and spouses have very different needs, but both often feel hurt, scared, and unsure how to continue or move forward, if there even is any way forward.

We at the underground understand this struggle deeply, and frankly, have experienced it ourselves. However, we have also had success at healing these wounds and finding victory, and have seem many others find hope again, and learn to heal. 

We do not promise miracles. Sometimes, the consequences of actions result in relationships ending, and hurt to whole families. No matter what happens, each person, both the addict and the people closest to them who are hurt, need to find healing, and that is our goal. We have proven techniques that have helped others, and we hope will help you.

Since the needs of the different parties involved can be different though, we have broken them into separate pages, which you will find below.