Clinical/Christan Counseling

The purpose of our counseling is to serve the body of Christ by providing biblical counseling to individuals, couples and families in order to both glorify God as well as strengthen His Church. Our counseling process is clinically educated and biblically guided in principle that help to form healthy choices. 

Simply put, it is the goal of The Underground to interact with each client in the same way that Jesus would if He were talking to that person. Using a biblical foundation from the Word of God mixed with clinical insight, we assist our clients in moving toward a spiritually and emotionally safe place. We rely deeply on the wisdom and guidance of the Holy Spirit throughout the counseling process.

IOP Services

  • Men's Sexual Addiction

  • Marriage Restoration

  • Pastoral/Missionary      Recovery

The Underground is equipped to offer clients Intensive Out-Patient (IOP) services. This generally consists of 15 to 20 hours of intensive psychotherapeutic treatment with the client/clients, which translates into 5 months of counseling in three days! This is provided as an alternative to "in-patient" therapy and is much less expensive. 

Zoom/Online Counseling

There are some people who may find it difficult to make it to one of our offices. This could be because they are physically challenged, without transportation, uncomfortable leaving their house or simply unable to come in during business hours. We would be more than happy to conduct a counseling session via Telehealth. 

General Services

  • Marriage Counseling 

  • Anger/Stress Management 

  • Sexual Addictions 

  • Depression/Anxiety 

  • Parenting Issues 

  • Crisis Abuse/Trauma (PTSD)

  • Co-Dependency 

  • Issues of Spirituality

  • Premarital Counseling 

  • Death & Grief Therapy 

  • Sexual Abuse 


  • Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD)

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